Monday, July 10, 2006

You Are a Retrospective Soul

The most misunderstood of all the soul signs.
Sometimes you even have difficulty seeing yourself as who you are.
You are intense and desire perfection in every facet of your life.
You're best described as extremely idealistic, hardworking, and a survivor.

Great moments of insight and sensitivity come to you easily.
But if you aren't careful, you'll ignore these moments and repeat past mistakes.
For you, it is difficult to seperate the past from the present.
You will suceed once you overcome the disappoinments in life.

Souls you are most compatible with: Traveler Soul and Prophet Soul


Blogger Geo said...

Being an atheist, I have no soul, but my wife, a Buddhist, says I'm a soulful person.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Geo said...

Well—what do you know? I'm a 68 year old newborn soul according to the test.

9:52 PM  
Blogger Goodsoul said...

Wikipedia offers some generalizations about atheism that are probably helpful aids towards better understanding. If you are indeed a soulful person as your wife says, then perhaps your "atheism is essentially the result of an exercise of the human faculty of reason in the realm of faith."

In seeking Spiritual Equlibrium" it is critical to understand that "faith" is not about what we believe or in whom we believe, it is that we acknowledge that we know we don't know, especially since we can readily admit that we "believe" in other equaly intangible assertions like the existence of beauty, or even the conceptual truth we can experience but not directly sense in simple mathematics.

Einstein would say, "God does not play dice with the universe."

This is a quote often used to implicate one of the greatest minds of all times as a convert. Einstein himself said later, "It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it."

4:38 AM  

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