Friday, July 21, 2006


From the bottom up;

Through the physical differences

That both separate us

And allow us to join;

And through that which marks

Where once we were joined with our Mother,

From which separation we find our anger;

And through that which beats

At intervals that parallel the cycles of the Universe,

And so makes us one;

Then through that which speaks,

And so, through renouncement, articulates

That which is known;

Unto that which beholds the image of God,

Or that which cannot be known:

Whereby this coiled up energy

Emerges through contemplation

Of all that we embrace, and

All that we release.

cleonard– 06/30/03

In explanation of Kundalini Yoga, from Thou Art That by Joseph Campbell, pp 98:

‘The word Kundalini means “the coiled up one,” and it refers to the spiritual energy

which is coiled up on itself in most of us most of the time…. [1]


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